Professional Development

Professional Development

Developing Mathematical Thinking Institute (DMTI) is a team of educators dedicated to enhancing students’ learning of mathematics by supporting educators and parents in implementing research-based instructional strategies through high-quality professional development, curricular resources, and assessments. 

With classroom-based coaching expertise and research-driven curricular resources, DMTI delivers amazing results. It is through our partnerships that we help students find success in mathematics — and in life. DMTI partners with you to provide effective, engaging math resources and professional development.  We love being in classrooms working directly with students and teachers - we are even available to provide classroom-based model lessons!

Check out the many ways DMTI works to meet you right where you are at:

My students took the first half of the first "Dr. Jon test" yesterday in Algebra I. The results show I still need to improve my instruction in places but their answers and thoughts were by far the best I've seen in 32 years of teaching this subject. It was almost joyful to grade :) .

Glenn- High School Math Teacher